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Kutushov's biography

Michael Vladimirovich Kutushov Biography
Mikhail V Kutushov was born in Russia. He graduated from Volgograd Medical Institute in 1976 and holds MD and PhD degrees.
He specializes in oncology and toxicology. Dr Kutushov worked as a surgeon, toxicologist and later as a research scientist at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute in Moscow. Currently he conducts scientific research at the laboratory of thermodynamics and biological systems at the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is engaged in development of artificial kidney-liver, anti-cancer drugs and treatment of immunological conditions. He is an Acting member of the International Academy of Authors of Scientific Inventions and Discoveries and an Acting member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences. He also works as a Clinical Medicine Advisor at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. He acts as a scientific research consultant for a number of international firms. He was awarded a prestigious R. Koch medal for his achievements in medical research and A.S. Popov silver medal for his inventions.
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